ImpactX-2 - Unbreakable Photochromic Optics

Rudy Project continues to raise the bar, building on our ImpactX® technology after years of laboratory research and field tests with professional athletes. We're proud to introduce ImpactX-2®: a new array of technical lenses perfected with unparalleled cutting-edge photochromic particles that provide a unique climatic management technology.

● Fast-Acting Photochromic Technology - activates & darkens 80% within 10 seconds
● HDR - High Dynamic Range - gives you enhanced contrast under low light and bright light conditions
● Offers 3 different photochromic transition options - Clear to Grey; Clear to Red and Clear to Brown.
● Darkens in presence of natural light (e.g., behind the windshield of a car) and UV – best of both worlds.
● Unbreakable for life and super resistant to chemicals and heat.
● Comes with our Lifetime Replacement Lens Guarantee

ImpactX-2 - Photochromic, Lightweight, Unbreakable and Semi-Rigid!
All Around Lenses - ImpactX-2 Clearn to Black and Clear to Laser Black

Products with ImpactX-2 Clear to Black Lenses

HDR™ - High Dynamic Range

In addition to a faster activation, the innovative photochromic pigments specifically developed for the new ImpactX 2 lenses*, incorporate an advanced filter function which scientifically modulates the wavelength of light passing through the lens: by eliminating a portion not perceived by our eyes and optimizing its spectrum, the HDR™ technology provides extraordinary visual performance. While maximizing the chromatic range, perceived benefits include superior perception, sharper image and unparalleled enhanced contrast definition.

* not available for the ALL-AROUND lenses

ImpactX-2 - High Dynamic Range
Racing Lenses - ImpactX-2 Clearn to Red and Clear to Laser Red
Comfort Lenses - ImpactX-2 Clearn to Laser Brown

Products with ImpactX-2 Clear to Laser Brown Lenses