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Lens Technology (All Rudy Project lenses provide 100% UVA & UVB protection)

Polar 3FX

Revolutionary Polarized Lens Technology

Polar 3FX Diagram Rudy Project's unique Polar 3FX polarized lens technology is one of the most revolutionary applications of science and optics that eliminates annoying glare and eye fatigue. Basically, Polar 3FX is candy for your eyes! After years of research and refinement, Polar 3FX was perfected by combining advanced polycarbonate technology and processes with cutting edge coatings, turning conventional thinking on its head. Polar 3FX ensures the complete and thorough elimination of glare, polarized light and harmful UV rays and provides excellent eye protection. Its unique light absorption and molecular properties enhance contrast and depth perception while maintaining color integrity and minimizing eye strain.

Polar 3FX Illustration

  1. Patented 3FX Polarized Mirror Technology
    • Highly Scratch Resistant
    • Easy To Clean & Maintain
    • Fashionable Look
  2. Cutting Edge Polarized 3FX Material
    • Maximizes Optical Clarity, Visual Acuity & Glare Reduction
    • Lightweight & Ultra Strong
    • 100% UV Protection
  3. Advanced Anti-Reflective 3FX Backside Coating
    • Unique Multi-Layer AR Coating Eliminates Annoying Backside Glare
    • Reduces Eye Strain & Fatigue in Bright Light Conditions

Polar 3FX Simulation

Hydrotek™ hydrophobic treatment

Hydrotek The Hydrotek™ hydrophobic treatment, as it does not allow water to stick to the lens, improves the cleanliness of the lenses, even in critical situations like regattas or when it is raining. The Polar3FX Hydrotek™ lens has also been subjected to an internal reflection-proof treatment and has excellent scratch-resistance properties to ensure exceptional optical performance levels.

Hydrophobic Diagram

  1. In the case of untreated surfaces, droplets of water acquire a semi-spherical shape and adhere to the surface. When the lens is tilted the droplet resists sliding and leaves traces of water on the surface.
  2. Observing a droplet of water on a water repellent surface, we see that it acquires a spherical shape, with a high contrast angle. The water droplet is repelled by the treatment and slides off, leaving the surface practically dry and free from distorting water prisms.

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FreeForm TEK

A Revolution in Rx Sport Lens Technology

FreeForm TEK™ is not just another Rx lens technology but a true personalized vision program designed for fashion and sport wrap frames. Suitable for a wide range of prescriptions and ideal for most types of sports and outdoor activities, the FreeForm TEK™ system is a highly engineered vision solution customized to your exact prescription and developed with leading optical laboratories using extremely sophisticated edging equipment and featuring our cutting-edge lens material ImpactRx™.

With FreeForm TEK™ You Get:
  • Your Customized Vision, "Edge to Edge"
  • Guaranteed Unbreakable For Life
  • Lighter & Stronger Than Traditional Rx Lenses
  • Durable ImpactRx™ Lens Material to Withstand Extreme Conditions

Eyepoint Technology® - The Design Inside.

Eyepoint Technology

FreeForm Eyepoint Technology Eyepoint Technology®, a patented component of Rudy Project's FreeForm TEK™ lenses, is a dedicated ray-tracing program which combines lens surface topography data with highly advanced mathematical algorithms. It has been determined that in order to get the most precise optical measurements, one cannot assume that the optical power of the lens alone is the same power that the eye "sees" through the lens. Eyepoint Technology® simulates how the human eye will see through the lens, and then calculates the optical performance of thousands of locations covering the lens surface.

Eyepoint Technology® simulates the human eye in every angle, prescription, and field of vision. These techniques enable Rudy Project to offer the most sophisticated progressive lens surfaces based upon thousands of points of data. It's this "design inside" that makes Rudy Project's FreeForm TEK progressive lenses the most advanced in the world.

FreeForm TEK® Back Surface Design
Rudy Project's FreeForm TEK design incorporates back surface optics, an innovative way of widening the field of vision in various ranges by bringing the sighting surface closer to the eye. It also helps to remove the "swim effect."


Award Winning Photochromic Lenses

We have release our newest photochromic lenses - ImpactX-2 - Click Here for details!

ImpactX Photochromic Since the development of CR-39 and Polycarbonate over 40 years ago, there have been few advances and innovations in high impact-resistant optical polymer development. ImpactX™ is a family of patented polyurethane optical polymers, transparent and unbreakable, originally developed for the military to provide superior protection and performance. ImpactX™ was born in the USA in the early 1990's when the U.S. Government contracted Simula Technologies to develop a new bullet-proof, transparent, and light-weight material capable of providing superior protection, reliability and longer lasting performance than polycarbonate. This material is also used in the windows in post Sept. 11 cockpit doors being installed on airplanes and Apache helicopter windshields panels; it is today available for Rudy Project Eyewear under a unique and unparalleled lens program: ImpactX™.

Award Winning Technology
The ImpactX™ Polarized Photochromic lenses offer razor-sharp clarity and cut glare while allowing you to see your digital read outs. Years of research with professional sailing teams have allowed Rudy Project engineers to develop a tailored polarization technology scientifically laminated to read onboard polarized GPS LCD screens without compromising clarity, performance and quality of the lens. Truly amazing technology! ImpactX Example Click Here to see the frames that come with ImpactX™ Polarized Photochromic lenses.
RP Optics

Polycarbonate Tinted Sport Lenses

For particular light conditions, Rudy Project offers technically advanced specialty lenses with high visual quality tailored to your needs. The various lenses enable you to perform and excel in any light or atmospheric condition you may encounter.

Polar 3FX Simulation

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