Dear Athletes,

The new and improved Wing 57 visor has arrived!  Rudy Project North America, in its quest to always provide the best equipment to our loyal customers, is offering everyone who purchased a Wing57 helmet from an authorized RPNA dealer or website a FREE upgraded Flip-Up visor with smoke lenses (for a nominal S/H charge.)

"The new visor makes the Wing57 an even better helmet, if that's possible. It's fast – you flip it up, put it on, flip it down. You're ready to go in seconds, and when it clicks into place, you look and feel like a fighter pilot."

Andy Potts, Professional Triathlete


New and Improved Wing57 Visor:

  • Faster through T1
  • More secure thanks to the new flip up interface
  • Compatible with almost every Wing57 ever sold
  • Wing57 visor displayed in various angles.

    Below you can see a demo of how the new visor fits into the Wing57.


    Choose your geographic area below to begin your FREE Wing57 visor order.

    Limit one free flip-up visor per order. We reserve the right to modify any order before it ships.