Rudy Project - Fyol Youth

Rudy Project - Fyol Youth

Rudy Project - the Preferred Helmet in KONA 6 Years in a Row!
  • Details:
  • Size - 46 - 54cm, 18.1in - 21.2in
  • Weight - 8.1 oz / 230 grams


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There are no other colors for the Fyol Youth at this time.

The Rudy Project FYOL Youth Helmet!Equipped with 17 vents, 360 degree comfort ring that's adjustable and an RSR retention dial system, the FYOL will keep your youth cool and protected. The FYOL helmet comes with a visor.

Product Description:
Helmet Fyol White/silver/titanium
Product Colors:
Silver, White
Product Certifications:
CPSC 12.03
There are no parts & accessories for the Fyol Youth available for purchase on our website at this time. Please call our customer service department at (877) 852-8457 and we'll be happy to perform a more detailed search of our inventory to see if we have the part you need.