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In recent years, more and more athletes needing prescription performance eyewear have discovered and embraced our Rx Solutions making Rudy Project one of the fastest growing Rx Sport solutions companies in the world. In past years, Eye Care Professionals, choices in Rx able sports eyewear were limited to a handful of large companies. Rudy Project has certainly shaken things up lately offering a wide array of Performance and Casual sunglasses that can easily be Rxed. And starting this year, Rudy offers a wide array of ophthalmic frames for stylish casual wear. Each solution has different benefits to meet the needs for a wide array of athletes and activities. See below for details about each available solution.
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Rudy's low profile Rx optical insert snaps easily and firmly into the frame behind the outer RP Optics polycarbonate lenses. Most of our adapters are dual eye and made out of lightweight composite metal. In the case of the Perception/ RB3 adapter, it is made from Grilamid TR90. With the Exception/Exception EVO models, the inserts are single eye systems and are available in two different size inserts - one for low power vision and one for higher power/progressives - both made from Grilamed TR90.

In addition to the optical insert models and the ophthalmic line, Rudy offers direct in frame Rx options to Eye Care Professionals in a wide array of sunglass models for athletes that prefer an alternative to the optical insert solutions Rudy Project offers. All of the frames can be Rx-ed with sun Rx lenses or clear Rx lenses based on the users preference.

Now for patients that prefer alternatives to optical inserts, you offer them the option of Rx-ing their favorite Rudy models directly in the frame. And best of all they can have two or three Rx Lenses in different tints to manage any light condition. The Rx Direct Interchangeable lenses are ground to your patient's prescription and attach to the Rudy frame exactly like the plano counterparts. Lenses interchange in a snap, yet stay snugly in place during sports.

NOTE - The direct in frame RX lenses do not exactly match the shape of the plano counterpart on the Rydon & Ketyum.

The easy-in, easy out optical insert allows you to wear Rudy Project Sunglasses with or without contact lenses. In addition the insert can handle a wide range of prescription correction factors. The easy-action flip up lens technology enables you to instantly see clearly when light condition changes dramatically by flipping up the entire lens system.

This user friendly and fully integrated performance clip system allows you to quickly change your spare lenses to easily manage any weather condition. Perfect for multi-prescription or contact lens wearers Rx Swap offers unparalleled customization for uncompromised performance.